TRAINING: Training Cold

Sitting here in my, relatively speaking, warm flat with a nice cup of Earl Grey with honey and milk, I'm recovering from mild sniffles, that started Wednesday, and what feels like half a degree of fever or so.

it's not too bad, and it's a reflection of a weekend that wasn't spent resting, but spent first doing a good 13k in the hills Saturday, then another 23k today.

Luckily for me, and my health, they were all done at a decent enough speed, first we recceed the new (and hard!) Carrick Mountain route in a big group, only to be treated to scones worthy of Royalty from Avoca in Cormac's house.

Today, was another recce, as I joined Aoife to run the Wicklow Way Trail, after which we met up with Sarah, Geraldine, Dee, and Olivia, also from Crusaders, at Johnnie Foxes. I had my first try of Swordfish, and I must say it's pure Heaven, and definitely good post-race diet!

Training Ill?
Any doctor will tell you that the slightest fever is enough that you should stop running. It's not bad advice, as exercise decreases your production of white blood vessels, and thus weakens the immune system.

There's a caveat, however, in our favour. Once you reach a certain degree of fitness, you can do quite a bit of exercise without stressing your body very much. As Emma said to me long ago, I didn't believe it back then, running at a certain speed will start becoming equivalent to walking for your body. And she's right, as long as I run slow, I don't feel much stress, in fact I feel more liberated than when walking.

So I don't think today did too much to worsen this little light winter virus, but, of course, with the strong winds and temperature shifts that we experienced today, you'd want to be careful, drink enough, keep energy coming into the body, and get proper sleep after.

My periodisation has now started, and next week is an easy one, starting with a rest day tomorrow. I have started to look forward to these rest days in a different way than before. I don't get the annoyed feeling "is this really necessary", instead I try to enjoy the simple things and give myself the best possible chance to regenerate.

Off to sleep with those words, hope to see lots of you out at Carrick. It's a worthy race...