DIARY: First Sports Massage!

We're lucky enough to have Mark Ryan, one of the country's top Cross-Country runners working with us at Microsoft. Not so much because he'd torture me during midday runs (we're talking a guy who came within 2 seconds of going to the European Cross-Country Championships), but because he also happens to be a physiological therapist.

Colleague Runners
Well versed in both physiotherapy, sports massage, and MIT, Mark offered me a good deal on a full check-up and treatment today. I've been more than normally sore in my muscles after the first hard track session after my injury woes, and on top of that I've struggled with a strange tightness in my right hamstring since about July.

Tony, from the Beacon Clinic, fixed my misaligned hip, and got rid of some stiffness, but "feckin-'el" as they say around these parts, today was pure torture! But effective!

Mark went into some real deep-tissue work, and while I managed not to squeal or shed any tears, there was groans aplenty especially as I found lumps the size of roadblocks on my hamstring, calves, and quads.

Ready for the New Season
Good news is my foot seems almost completely healed, and has more flexibility than ever before thanks to all the stretches. My hamstring problem got pretty much sorted, we could only stretch it up to a measly 60 degrees when I arrived, but at the end of the session we got it back up to the full 90 degree stretch, apparently way better than average.

I'm hoping this will do wonders for my stride length. Tomorrow, I take my first physical test of the year with Emma in the Peak Centre, and Sharlene is tagging along to try and get a baseline for herself as well. I'm bringing loads of plans, so work can start in earnest after this Saturday's little "distraction" (and a welcome one!) at Trooperstown Hill.