TRAINING: Long Ticknock Day

Sharlene and I went out today for a long check-up of the whole Ticknock area. We ended up doing a good 14km with almost 600m of ascent, taking in the vast majority of the area around Three-Rock and Fairy Castle.

I felt brilliant ascending today, I had a few tricks from the book "Uphill Running Techniques for Off-Road Runners", generally:

1. The "lean from the hip" (unlike normal road-running)
2. The super-relaxed calves

Both worked a charm both on the up and the down, and while I'm not firing on all cylinders high-intensity wise, I seem to have a strong base to pull me through the race next Sunday.

Sharlene completed without difficulty and while she said she "felt weak", this was mostly due to the fact that she kept a good pace throughout.

The wind gave us a little trouble on the exposed backside of Fairy Castle, but I kept my t-shirt on, as there's nothing better than getting gnawed to the bone by Mother Nature. It just keeps you fresh. The incessant pandemonium of noise was more irritating, and the peace of the forest relieved us both.

So again, a trouble-free run, except that I ripped about half a centimetre of skin off my left little toe (now known as the "tenth little piggy", which is very unhappy).

Well a good day, even the Boneshaker felt "flat" today (I blame Paul Nolan for that! ;-)). It's a real shame about the injury. The way I feel right now, I think I could make some huge strides forward if I could be allowed to string some training session together.