DIARY: Injury Improving

The cryo really did seem to work magic. Even with the (of course stupid) running of the Howth race, pain is now decreasing noticeably day-by-day.

My increased intake of Glucosamine and Omega-3 combined with more massage, Arnica, more cold, and tweaks to my stretching programme have no doubt helped, but it's my feeling the cryo swung the pendulum back in my favour. The inflammation is now struggling, and ready to be killed off.

With my night-splint arriving in a few days, inflammation will be further lessened over night, so all in all, prospects are now very optimistic, especially since the experiences taken from this will mean a very different training programme is now being worked out for me by Emma at the PeakCentre, with special focus on implementing advice taken from some of the great "hill-running minds" such as Gerry Brady.

I'll publish all the details of this new programme, once it's done, in case anyone wants to have a peek!