DIARY: First Night Hill Run!

One of the gut-wrenching annoyments of the injury has been that I have missed the Monday Night hills runs from Taylor's Three Rock.

I've been wanting to run in the hills at night time and have the powerful Petzl Myo XP headtorch just for that purpose. While it's a little bit on the heavy side, it can light an impressive 65m for a min. of 7 hours. (it's also good for finding your way to the bathroom in the middle of the night, should you be so inclined, I'm not telling!)

Without the car there was no way I could make the off-road run with Crusaders and my regular carpool companion from Microsoft, Sharlene, couldn't get out on time.

So I posted to the IMRA forum, in the hope that someone was up for a hill run this eve. While I'm not ready to go back in hard training, I just wanted some sort of preparation for Howth so I don't make a complete arse of myself. Injured or not, I hate having a bad run, so in preparation for this intolerable trauma, uphill kilometres were desperately needed.

Crusaders Help!
Luckily, my club-mate, and rival in many a race this season, Aoife Joyce, was willing to share her regular training route from Taylor's Three-Rock to Kilmashogue carpark, following the Wicklow Way to Fairy Castle and back down to Three-Rock, turning onto the road back to Ticknock and Taylor's (instead of the more technical ascent down the Boneshaker).

This was a good 12k run with 473m of ascent, and we clocked it up in 1:24 which wasn't too bad considering that my headtorch was stuck in my car at the mechanic so we had to make do with only Aoife's.

This led to many a cursing in the dark!

All in all, a very enjoyable run, and I'm looking forward to more hills in the dark, next time without my own light, or none! (for the nightvision!)