DIARY: Danish Runs

I'm back, as Arnie liked to say (you'll have to imagine the Austrian accent, not hard!)

Will be posting some pictures and graphs the next few days from my holidays in Denmark.

Injury Worse
Bad news is there's no progress on my injury, whatsoever, which is annoying, as is that creeping fear that you may never race again quite the way you did before.

Far out pessimistic of course (there nevertheless), a more tangible fear is the complete mess this has made of my season preparations (or lack of same).

I'm not sure what to do, but think I'll get that adrenaline injection as I'm willing to do anything at this stage to beat this thing.

Danish Runs
I ran a few times back in Denmark, once with my dad (and the dog!), doing a run in the Soldier Forest in my home town (now abandoned by the army), revisiting the beautiful forest at Moesgaard Beach near Aarhus, a hilly trail "Challenge" run round a lake in Silkeborg and finally a short run up and down "Mount Heaven", Denmark's mighty 151m peak!

Apart from that there was plenty of food and some parties. I did allow myself to get royally wasted for New Year's (a censured version of the photos will be made available soon) and the pyrotechnics brought out images from Beirut!

My form is rotten, absolutely rotten, after the measurements I made during the runs the damage to my fitness and speed are quite astounding given it's been only 5 weeks. I hope I can bounce back quickly but with the current injury progress curtailing any concerted training effort, the immediate prospects don't look exciting at all.

The New Year
It'll be an exciting time ahead any way, got promoted before the holidays and take up my new position tomorrow, which should be a good challenge, then there's the website development for IMRA with Version 1, and of course plenty of other plans I have in store for the new 2008.

I'll be posting some tales from the Danish "wilderlands" when I get back settled, for now I want to chill and relax on the last day of my holidays!


Anonymous said…
Rene Borg - biker extraordinare... your tagline till the injury gets better anyway. Biking will improve your hill running climbing ability also so it's kinda useful as well.
Raighne said…
Believe it or not I biked every day from I was 5 to I was 25. It's the most common transport back home.

MTB I've only tried once but it was fun.

I'll definitely take it up, injury or no injury, as cross-training. I just need to fix the Big Beastie as she's sucking my slush fund dry!