TRAINING: Disaster Run at Ticknock

This Sunday's training run at Ticknock ended up being quite messy.

While the weather was great, Sharlene and I weren't up for a big one, so took the short and direct 6km route from Ticknock Carpark to Fairy Castle and back again.

Thing started well, my legs weren't as destroyed as on the day before, and going down, I felt great, almost flying especially on the Boneshaker.

That's when I heard a yelp from Sharlene behind me. Not the "auch-there-be-sticky-bushes" kinda yelp, but something that sounded quite painful. Rushing up, she had sat down on the Boneshaker already with what looked like a sprained ankle.

Having tried to wipe some wind-tears out of her eyes, Sharlene had lost sight of the ground for a millisecond, and as we all know, that often all it takes!

After the initial shock, she composed herself quickly and we got down the carpark and got the ankle iced and wrapped tight immediately. There was little swelling at the time but a bit of an odd protrusion on the outside of the foot.

The physio would later confirm that it was a standard sprain, and while it got much worse from Sunday to Monday (as this injury tends to do), Sharlene is already back walking pretty well, and her mood has been defiant from day one, so no long-term damage seems to have been suffered neither physically or psychologically. Of course, getting back on the descent is the real test, as many great descenders have seen their confidence lowered by injury.

For me, I'm waiting for the verdict, as I've apparently been running on an injury for quite some months, and tomorrow I'll have confirmation on whether or not it's truly Plantar and how bad it is and what needs to be done.

Plantar Fasciitis, also known as Heel Spurs or Policeman's Heel, is a common injury where the muscles under the foot gets inflamed where it connects to the heel. This is caused by that particular muscles being one of the least flexible in the human body.

For now I treat it with a golfball (rolling my foot over it), which is, to say the least quite painful. So is icing the heel after! There's definitely something not right, just hope I can keep it from turning chronic. If it does, I'll have to find a way to run with it...