DIARY: More Marathon Thoughts

Running Smart Distance
Since running from side to side or picking the "long side" of roads will make a run longer, some of us actually ended up running slightly longer, I for instance ran 42.55km not 44.14km. This is easy to correct as you simply divide the second figure with the first and multiply that with your time to get your "real" time.

From this I can extrapolate that my time on the actual distance would be 01:16:48 not 1:18:48, which is probably realistic enough for me at this stage. I won't bother keeping too much track of either figure, though, as I feel confident I can knock a good bit off these times when, in many years, I return to this discipline.

I've got this burning feeling that I can run below 3 hours, even a good bit below 3 hours. I have nothing to support it right now, but no one knows what they are capable off until they try, right?

It'll have to wait, though, as the mountains are now priority and will be for some time to come. If I turn into a marathoner I can't turn back, but if I stay a medium distance runner, doing the conversion later is easy.