DIARY: Last Run

Just came back from my last run before the marathon, a nice and easy 6.5km run around Rathgar-Milltown area.

Legs feel good, and I've been eating all day, a habit a plan to extend into Sunday.

Marathon Expo
I checked out the marathon Expo today at RDS, and met up with Brendan and Mick who were enjoying some of the well priced pasta on offer.

The Expo was quite noisy at first, some unfitting techno music playing away, and a slightly over-enthusiastic orator giving what must have been a millenium speech about how fantastic it is to be able to do a marathon (granted it's a great achievement, and one I'll be proud off, but let's keep some perspective here).

There was loads of cool stuff to look at, though, and I got myself a pair of red shorts for my club kit along with two different types of Denmark running shirts. While I was in the shop I got a few gifts for a friend as well, before checking out the rest, among the a free gait test area, massage areas, and the Amphibian King.

I tried to catch Lindie, who had set up shop in one corner to promote her new book, but she was not there at the time. Finally, I wisely gave the Adidas shoe area a wide berth, while the make some decent wear, they are still some way off producing a decent road runner (while they have, bizarrely produced a good trail running shoe from time to time).

So tomorrow I go back to meet up with the folks from Crusaders and to get my number, the day nears, now if only this slight niggle in my throat won't turn into anything worse...