DIARY: Break Time

During yesterday's Circuit Training session with Crusader's I finally made the decision my body has been cheering for for weeks: I need a break.

To enforce this, I am taking a 2 day complete break from running, meaning this Thursday and tomorrow Friday. This is against my programme, but apart from the muscle pains I've had for some time (and which don't make me nervous as muscles heal quick), I'm now getting various distress signals from bones and ligaments. Nothing serious, but warning signals clearly.

The Power of Circuits
While my couch was calling more than anything, I did decide to join up for the Circuits as it always incorporates some nice stretches and other dynamic exercises that I thought would loosen me up, as long as I took it easy and didn't go full out into the training.

I must say it worked the trick, the legs still feel tired throughout today, but they are a lot better than yesterday.

Shane in the Freezer
I've contacted Whites of Wexford about a Cryotherapy session as well. Mick Hanney already recommended this earlier in the year and Shane from Crusaders has now done a few sessions himself to great effect, judging from his training performance.

I'm sure this would soothe my aches before the race, so it's worth the 138km drive.

I think I've just about moved into the territory of training called "over-reaching" which means you train harder than you're capable off, but you are not yet in "over-training". Once you reach over-training there is no way to back off again, and you will have to suffer through weeks or months of underperformance while your body struggles to regain it's composure.

I have suggested to Emma that we introduce more periodisation in my training work, meaning 3 hard, 1 easy week and so forth in endless cycles, as this should stave off the problem for me. I'm looking forward to her response and to see how she will introduce this principle if she finds it sound.