INJURIES: Shadow Cramp???

Not a day is boring when you're a runner.

On kilometre 17 of the 20 I did Wednesday, I started to get strange cramplike sensations all along the backside of my right leg from Achilles tendon to glute. Less severe than normal cramps but enough to slow me down to a speed of about 5:20 per kilometre for the remainder of the run (trodding along just to get through really).

After there was a noticeable pain and discomfort in the upper calf muscle. Aoife called this a "shadow cramp" as we were warming up the next day for the Crusader's tempo session on Sandymount beach. I've never heard of this injury (indeed neither has Google), but it seemed pretty bang on.

I'm not sure what caused it, but probably the unusually late time I did the run, and the fact that I did it with no water or sustenance as I wanted to test the results of fuel depletion on my speed during longer runs. Know I have my answer I guess!

Puzzlingly, the cramp was very noticeable before the speed session, but didn't bother me the least during the 20 minute session or the warm-up (it only returned for the cooldown). I've thrown out today's morning session to get some rest into the leg as I have a rough weekend ahead.

If anyone has a similar injury, well just ask Aoife about Shadow Cramps!


Mick said…
Hi Rene,
whats the plan for the weekend?
are you training for the dublin marathon?
I intend doing 18 miles on Sunday morning - I'm training for Amsterdam, the week before Dublin.
It'll be a loop from Annacurragh, outside Aughim, mainly on tarmac (quiet) roads, with part on the Wicklow way, circa 600m's of climb... if you're interested.
086 8539554
Renny said…
Hi Mick,

Yes! I'm training for the Dub Marathon.

Won't be able to join you for tomorrow's run sadly (it sounds like a great route). I did my long run today after the Crusaders Handicap Race in Phoenix Park, and tomorrow I'm doing the Star of the Seas 6k Cross-Country Race in Meath.

I'm trying to get together with Brendan Craig for a long run next weekend (most likely Saturday). We may be able to join forces (next week I'd be looking to do at least a 2.5 hour run on the Saturday).

Drop me a line at 0851214541, or I'll dig out your email and send you the details once I've had the chance to catch up with Brendan tonight.