DIARY: Three New Records Broken

I had to take the day off from training yesterday, as my day got busy, so managed to string together 11 days of unbroken training without a break. Today I'm rejuvenated, and as punishment, Friday's scheduled rest is off.
Last week was also the hardest I've done in my life so far in terms of mileage, wrapping up 73.98kms during the week, an improvement on my previous best of 63.47km set in week 33, very encouraging stuff.
Today during the 400m sprints at Crusaders I had very spritely legs in the first two sprints and think I set two consecutive 73 second rounds or there abouts. I usually run around 80-86 (yep, I know what you're thinking, this fella is not winning any Olympic medals). I think it's not too bad for a hill runner, and I can't remember such feeling of speed in my legs. A sign of things to come? Sure was fun, even if I had my arse handed to me in most of the remaining 8 laps!!!