DIARY: Back in Town

Hi all,

I'm back in Dublin, slowly recovering from a case of the flu.

I had an interesting, if torteous, run at the Marselis Løb in Denmark, and will post a longer review of it later.

I haven't been able to train properly for more than a week, and still haven't recovered most of my strength.

Quick Recovery for Dummies
The nice ladies in the Hopsack in the Swan Centre in Rathmines were good enough to prescribe a quick way back on my feet: fasting and juicing!

To that effect, I went to bed at 20:45 yesterday, eating no dinner, but having only huge amounts of freshly squeezed juice of Lemons, Lime, Avocado, Apples, Strawberries, and Carrots, gulped down with an overdose of Echinecea (immune boosting) and Goldenseal Root (anti-bacterial). Together it's helped a lot already, and hopefully I'll be somewhat back to my senses by Saturday.

Mountain Rescue Benefit Hill Run
Tonight, however, I say goodbye to Ticknock for the season by doing a short charity race for the Dublin Wicklow Mountain Rescue. I've raised an impressive EUR12 already (so they can get some more rescue dogs, it won't be a Sct. Bernard at this rate!), and will be happy to see it off.

I'm expecting to bomb completely, though, as I feel all besides myself, looking forward to being positively surprised!!!