DIARY: Another Record Falls

The month of August was a good one, training-wise. Even with my four day break during my holidays, and my subsequent illness, that curtailed my training quite a bit, I banked 257.68km.

257.68km. When I started in January, I ran a a relatively measly 59.15km. This figure has shattered my previous best monthly mileage of 208.04km run in the busy racing month of June.

I expect to break this record in September, and I'm aiming for the 300km mark. I've done just over 66km in the first ten days, but should start racking up long runs in preparation for October's marathon.

I don't know what mileage is necessary per month to compete with the best, I imagine it's individual, but according to Emma's figures, I need to do at least 800 hours of training per year to reach international level (some do as much as 1200).

If I assume a rather conservative 5:30 per km average speed over the year, that would mean 726km per month!

Given that my level would raise immensely at such training volumes, an optimistic 4:40 per km average speed over the year would mean 842km per month. That's equivalent to almost 28km per day, so certainly the hourly figures must make room for cross-training, warm-ups, stretching etc.

Incidentally, my average pace (factoring in "the early days") for every single run this year is 6:05 per km (the mountain runs skew this figure, if you look at intensity instead of raw mileage). If I did not improve on that at all, it would still mean more than 658km per month is necessary!

Clearly, the raw hours cannot give much of an idea of what I'm aiming for, all I know is that even if I reach 300km this month, it's still going to be a far bit of target. 500 quality kilometres per month sounds about right as a good platform to reach the next levels, so that's what I'll attempt to build up to slowly from here on.