DIARY: And the Records Keep Falling!

Not many updates today as I prepare for hard track training tomorrow and then the fastest 5k in Ireland: Rathdrum 5k on Friday evening before the 13.8km mountain race Croghan, described as "a shockingly tough course" by Paul Nolan, on Sunday.

One little personal triumph worth sharing, though, as I completed my 65 minute training run this evening I set a new personal record of total days of training without rest days in between. It's a modest 7 days unbroken now beating my previous record of 6 days unbroken set in early August (before that there's not a streak to talk about to compare to this).

As I'm sitting here leisurely, sipping a strange drink of apple, orange, lime, lemon, carrot, strawberry, and apple cider vinegar I've concocted in the Juicer I inherited from my mate Per, that's a nice little victory to reflect on.

During these days I've run through my "depressed" phase, ran almost 77km, an average of just about 11km per day. Should injuries permit I will be extending this unbroken spell to 14 days, as my next scheduled rest day is Friday 28th. I won't be chasing this record like madman, though, as I'll break it eventually in any case. If Sundays race is completely devastating, I'll take Monday off, and move the Monday training to Friday instead.

So, next week, a record of either 10 or 14 days of unbroken training will stand, and either way, I'm chuffed that I've fought through it.