RACES: TL- Carrig

The final Wednesday race of the season is over. The Trail League found it's finally on Carrig Mountain yesterday, and what a great course it was, and a fabulous race to boot.

The Roughest Yet
When I glanced over the route and later discussed it with Conor, who was going to join up with us for this Trail race, there was no doubt that this route would be the overall most challenging.

The climb looked severe, and areas of very steep descent, apparently on narrow forest tracks, were on the menu.

Sharlene and I drove off from the Atrium as we'd done the two weeks before, our excitement palpable, as was our shared, yet different, depridations: My silent desire to keep a hold of my 13th place in the rankings, and Sharlene, well, the source of her anxiety is for only her to know, but it seemed to me a feeling of typical post-race anxiety for runners new to racing: "Will I be up to the task?"

Long Drive
Carrig was further away from Dublin, a good thing in my book, taking us to the verdant area around Glenealy/Ashford, and while the worn down yard that doubled as parking spot for the night did not due the area credit, it was soon forgotten as we jogged up the tarmac street to the foot of Carrig: A round cap of a hill, dotted with trees and only few "hairless" patches, much like the mane of most middle-aged men (except John Lenihan, of course, but legends don't lose their hair...)

To be continued...