DIARY: Festival Time

Rest At Last!
I don't really like breaks in my running, but I haven't had more than one day break at any time since I recovered from my injury in early May, so I must say, just today, I'm delighted that I'm starting a three day running break, while volunteering for the T√łnder Festival.

Folk Rock Galore
I went to bed late yesterday, having finished a one hour run at half past midnight, and after doing a quick run, and helping up with the setup of our Festival Bar 1, I sprinted home and treated myself to the rare luxury of a hot tub in my parent's house.

In a few minutes, I'll be leaving for the Festival Plaza, where will be tenting it for the next three days. So running will be off the programme for a short spell: See you all soon, and best of luck to everyone at this weekend's trial. It's a rough route alright....