DIARY: Interval Training 2

This evening I did my first run after our "mountain marathon" last Saturday, and since the legs felt quite ok, I decided to test Interval Training once again.

As planned I set my program to include 2 minute breaks instead of 1 minute breaks between each sprint, in the hope of pushing up my average HR to stay stable in the MAC area (Max Aerobic Capacity) between 184 and 193.

Overall, the session was better than the first. I scheduled 10 laps of sprints, a few less, but clocked up 8.75km instead of 7.93km last week.

My average HR was slightly lower (157 compared to 159) but this was expected as the training had an overall greater amount of rest periods (10 2 minute breaks, instead of 12 1 minute breaks).

Average HR was higher on the first sprints than last time, but went slightly lower on the last one's (because of the higher initial intensity perhaps). On the plus side, I managed to push myself up to 189 several times, while this only succeeded once last time.

Even better my speed increased by quite a bit improving my quickest laps from 250m and 260m per minute to running 320m and a few 310m laps (a massive improvement in a week).

I set a max speed of 23.8kph as opposed to the measly 19.8kph the week before.

All in all, these interval trainings seem very promising as a training technique, but they are definitely not pleasant!

But well, as the saying goes: "If you don't feel like dying while running, you should!"


Justin said…
Saw this, and thought of you.
Renny said…
Thanks! It's a good article, well written and concise description of intervals.

The writer focuses a lot on lactate, implying that it is the cause of fatigue at high level training.

Recent research has shown that its the other way around, however, I'm in the process of a writing an article on that, as it shed a whole new light on fatigue in endurance sports :)