RACES: Review Format

I'll be reviewing all of my races one-by-one on this site on here. Sharing information about every aspect. This is the methodology I employ (lifted from my background as a system developer)

1. Planning - Consists of setting up objectives for the race and plan every other activity coming after this
2. Preparation - Any work after the planning phase that is done prior to the race start, such as: practice, reading up on running technique, and making sure you're well nutritioned.
3. Execution - The actual race/run
4. Maintenance - Post-race activities to ensure the smoothest possible transition into the next race, such as getting physio therapy, eating protein rich food, doing warm-down runs etc.
5. Evaluation - Reflective activities (such as writing a review), reassessment of techniques employed during the race, studying data gathered during race, etc.

I'll provide a detailed walkthrough of the activities in each category for each race together with a race profile. I'll be rating my own performance in each phase in percentiles, roughly equivalent to this:

10 Perfect
9 Near perfect
8 Very Good
7 Good
6 Above Average
5 Average
4 Below Average
3 Poor
2 Very Poor
1 Terrible