DIARY: The Weekend Ahead

Yesterday I finished my second recovery run, a 10.2k slow run in Phoenix Park, where I helped a friend getting started with running, while allowing myself to stroll ahead in a nice (injury-free) steady pace.

Tomorrow, the work gloves will have to come back on, however, for ahead looms a terrible weekend, were I will undertake the following task:

1. Break my record for longest distance by completing the 22k Wicklow Way Trail race arranged by IMRA.
2. Run the 10k BUPA Run on the following day less than 24 hours later.

These races will be milestones in my further progress, as the 22k will be the first stepping stone towards the marathons and ultras, while the running of consecutive gruelling races with little rest is a key part of my planning for certain events.

Roll on next weekend...