We'll here I am back from Canada ("O Canada....")!

Lazy git you...
I'll admit immediately that I wasn't training 100%, so shame on me! But I'm entitled to a holiday too, right? Right? Well maybe not...

What's the story...
I'll post the details of the training I did get to do in Canada over the coming days, but to summarise I had to great snow-shoeing days on some snow-covered Canadian hills hours North of Montreal (6k and 10k we believe).

I also managed to fit in a morning run on the first day in the cabin, where I did 11k in -10 degrees, can't wait to try it out in -20!!! (we're talking Celsius here btw).

Finally, the "big'un" was my double-climb of Mount Royal (left), a challenging 15k run twice up and down the hill that has given Montreal its name (422m total ascent).

More on that later, good to be back, and see you later :)