No time for a major update today, so I'll share a possible to change to my running schedule for the Spring Season.

A colleague of mine suggested to me that I should do the "Great Run" sponsored by health insurance company BUPA (who would profit more on improving the overall health of their customers! Great business acumen..).

The run takes place on Sunday the 15th of April in the beautiful Phoenix Park in North Dublin (and no, its not named after the mythical bird of legend, I'll explain later...).

Unfortunately, this is the day after one of my first major IMRA runs of the season: The Wicklow Way Trail, a gruelling 22k race through the Wicklow Mts. all the way up to Ireland's highest pub: "Johnnie Foxes". On the same day, the IMRA veterans will also do the Wicklow Way Ultra, and as tempting as it is for me to try it on, I've decided to keep to Dennis Dreyer's principle of gradual progress, and take on the Ultra in 2008 (I expect to break into the Ultra distance for the first time at the Connemarathon 2008).

So why BUPA?

So why on Earth would I bother doing a dull 10k roadrace the day after conquering a beautiful 22k in the mountains?

The answer is challenge first and foremost, but also strategy, as I am trying to get a team together for the Kerry Challenge (Challenges for Charity) in which we will run 25k on three consecutive days. This type of trial will set me up perfectly for rough racing multiple days in a row.
As an added bonus, I'll pass through some of the Dublin Marathon route, get to see all of the Phoenix Park, and, even better, get some invaluable experience in road racing.

What do you think of Road Racing?
Very little to be honest, and there is a good chance the Dublin Marathon will be my last road race, but we shall see...

Why? I'll cover that in an upcoming article: "Road vs. Trail"

Goodnight! Renny...