RESULTS: Winter League

Finish in Absentio
I was thrilled about my 25. place overall ranking in the Winter League a few weeks ago, but knew I wouldn't be able to keep it as the last race (at Ballinastoe) was during my holidays.

I still managed to finish 33rd out of 263 runners in the Winter League, and given the circumstances I am very happy with this result so far, and will now focus on breaking into the top 20 as soon as possible, hopefully before the year ends.

Once that is accomplished, I must look ahead and see how far my genetics will allow me to push beyond that. Should I feel that winning a race will remain forever impossible, I will do a small shift of focus towards the Ultra Trail runs as I will have a stronger advantage of the very long distances.

With my injury on Lucnaquillia and many, many years off running altogether, its juts great to be back, so being competitive like this is a definitive bonus.

Next Race
You should never look further than the next race, and next up is Glencree a very short (6.7k), flat (275m) Spring League Race. I think its way too short and without enough descent to cater to my main strengths, but I'll give it a good go, and will do some "quick runs" to prepare for an end-to-end lung-busting performance that'll hopefully allow me to get in with a decent finish.