Going to Canada!

Mont Tremblant
As mentioned on my personal blog I am going to Canada tomorrow morning.

During my stay we'll go to a mountain called Mont Tremblant so you won't be surprised to hear that I'm ecstatic about that!

If it was only up to me, I'd try to run it, but I'm not sure its a good idea with the planning. Add to that my lack of familiarity with the specific routes of the mountain, running it would seem reckless, so the plan is to buy some snowshoes and "conquer" it in hiking mode instead like in my good ol' days with Glenwalk.

Running snow
If you've read my previous posts you know that two of my long-term targest is running the two marathons on the North and South Pole (Antarctica, I cannot love that name enough!), so the freezing temperatures in Canada and the conditions on the mountain will be a great "warmup" for such events.

I've prepared thoroughly for emergencies in arctic environments, so in the (very unlikely) case that anything goes wrong, I feel we will all be well prepared to deal with whatever comes up.

As for snow-running, I hope to take a few through the forests during the weekends. On 3-Rock it proved to be, perhaps, my favoured running terrain as I set a speed down the last slope that amazed even myself afterwards (and even though I was shattered through most of the race, I must have gained 10-12 positions just on those final 1.5-2k down the snow-covered slope of Three-Rock Mountain).

I'm confident of a happy reunion with the weather that used to characterise my homestead... :)

Mountain Statistics
At 875m Mont Tremblant compares to the higher Irish Mountain (but is still dwarfed by scores of peaks, such as Lucnaquillia, Mullaughclauvan, Carrantouhil, Mt. Galtymore, and Slieve Donard).

It does feature a 645 metre vertical drop at one side (a long way to fall by anyone's standards), and throw in the colder Canadian weather, and I'm sure this will be a real challenge!