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Well, here it is finally, some news from Ireland! So "Conos ata tu" or "how are you".

I've created two Blogs to keep you all posted on what I'm doing, this one will focus on my greatest passion (besides endless reruns of Scrubs obviously): Mountain Running, or Hill or Fell Running as its sometimes known.

So if you're interested in my work, life, parties and all those "normal" aspects of my life (that would place you in a minority of people, but hey, that makes you special!), go to my other website:

Why Mountain Running?

I've been running on/off my whole life (never for the right reasons as it showed), and it was only last year that I approached Mountain Running (because it seemed a perfect ego-booster), but this site was born out of a fascination, I dare say love, for exploring the limits of human physical performance acquired as I read the book "Survival of the Fittest" (which I'll come back to in much more detail in a later post).

The crux of the matter is, though, that I love running in the wilds, and nothing can keep me from a race. I've given up drinking, I've given up loads of social time just for this hobby, and I am not regretting a second of it, because when you are out there on a rocky incline, on a muddy slope, or coasting through an ocean of heather on some Summit that'll never make it into the Guiness book of anything, its worth it all.

I can't explain it in short, so I won't bother (I hope it'll become apparent later), but I think this hobby can change people's lives, not only physically, but mentally, and that's why I want to share it with the world through the internet.

Should you just want to follow my daily updates, ogle the pretty pictures, or feel like asking a simle question, that's fine by me, I dont' intend this site to be some kind of messianic forum. Its about the love of running, and a love for mountains, and the wilderness. I think that's worth sharing...

If you want to see all my exploits as well as those of the great organisation that makes this racing possible, go to , the homepage of the "Irish Mountain Running Association", its a very impressive setup.

So what are we talking about here?

I'll be talking about every aspect of running here, the races, the training, the equipment, the preparation (what to eat, what not to drink, well, how not to drink at all actually!), and my personal favourite: what to read!

Mostly I hope to show off some of my experiences:

What about you Mister?

For those who know me, no further introduction is needed, for the rest, I recommend checking out my profile, it won't tell you much, but the posts here will teach you a thing or two about who I am (or pretend to be here on the other side of the digital filter).


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